Dolly Parton to Debut New Dance Tune “Just a Wee Bit Gay”

Dolly Parton just loves her gay fans, and she wants to sing about it, y’all. Gay Star News reports that the singer revealed she has a little dance ditty called “Just a Week Bit Gay” that should be firing up gay dancefloors across the country very soon:

‘At some point I would like to do a dance record and I have several songs that are very positive towards the gay community,’ said Parton.

‘I have a song called ‘Just A Wee Bit Gay’. It’s a great little dance tune, it’s funny and it’s got a lot of comic in it.

‘I do write a lot of songs along those lines with people that are different and are just themselves.’

Miss Parton is no stranger to her support for the gay community. Gay Star News recalls a recent interview where she told a reporter that,”I think everyone should be with who they love … I think gay couples should be allowed to marry. They should suffer just like us heterosexuals.” Classic Dolly. Bless her heart.