Photos: Massive Flooding at Hersheypark

The park didn't sustain any damage and opened for business on time today. Unlike the last major flood, no zoo animals died.

Storms last night completely flooded Hersheypark’s entrance area. Photos posted to social media sites show people wading through the water to exit the park. One woman tweeted it flooded the gift shop she was in.

The park opened today at 10 a.m. despite the flooding. No damage was done. “Everything is Hersheypark Happy!” the park said on Facebook. “We did receive heavy rain for short period of time yesterday, but everything quickly receded.”

Hersheypark has a history of flooding. Here’s a shot of the flooded entrance four years ago.

During a 2011 flood, the Hersheypark Zoo’s staff shot two bison after it was determined zookeepers couldn’t save them from drowning. The 2011 flood was caused by Tropical Storm Lee. The park suffered extensive damage then.