Complaint Filed Against Methodist Pastors Who Blessed Philadelphia Same-Sex Wedding

A complaint has been filed against 36 United Methodist pastors who gathered to bless a same-sex marriage in Philadelphia last November. Yes, last November. I’m not sure what took them so long to get around to it. but it’s an unfortunate development, nonetheless. More from ABC27:

Bishop Peggy Johnson of the church’s eastern Pennsylvania conference said in a statement that she is following the church’s disciplinary process and is prayerful that “a just resolution can be achieved.”

Details of the complaint weren’t available, including the name of the person who filed it.

The pastors blessed the Nov. 9 ceremony at Philadelphia’s Arch Street United Methodist Church to show support for a colleague who faced church discipline for presiding over his gay son’s wedding. The Rev. Frank Schaefer was defrocked following a church trial, but had his ordination reinstated by an appeals panel last month.

The church accepts gay members but forbids pastors from conducting same-sex weddings.