Poll: 84 Percent of Pennsylvanians Approve of Medical Marijuana

Gov. Tom Corbett's opposition to medical marijuana hasn't stopped Pennsylvanians from overwhelmingly supporting medical use of the drug.

Despite continued resistance from Gov. Tom Corbett on medical marijuana — he supports only a cannabidiol extract — Pennsylvanians clearly have no problem with medical marijuana. According to a recent Franklin & Marshall poll, 84 percent of the state’s residents back the use of marijuana for medical use.

Of that sample, 59 percent strongly favor the legalization of marijuana for medical use and 26 percent somewhat favor it. Only 12 percent are opposed in any way, with 4 percent undecided. Pennsylvania residents have actually supported medical marijuana for a while now: The same question, asked in May of 2006, found 76 percent of Pennsylvanians approved of medical pot.

Medical marijuana activists pulled out all the stops today in an attempt to shame the state senate into advancing medical marijuana legislation. “About two dozen mothers, grandmothers, nurses and small children” are in Harrisburg today, per the Associated Press.

One of the advocates, Dana Ulrich of Lancaster County, says her six-year-old daughter’s seizures could be treated with medical marijuana.

As far as recreational marijuana use goes, 35 percent of Pennsylvanians approve and 57 percent oppose. In May 2006, that split was 22%-72%.