Curses! Mayor Nutter to Review July 4th Concert

Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran dropped f-bombs at city showcase.

Mayor Nutter says he will review whether the city’s July 4 concert — which featured pop musicians cursing frequently in front of the crowd and on live TV — crossed boundaries.

CBS Philly reports:

Mayor Nutter was in the crowd Friday night and says he wasn’t particularly bothered by the language of the musicians, though he admits he wasn’t always paying close attention.

“I think the instances were fairly few in the course of a four-hour concert. To be honest, I couldn’t understand most of what Nicki Minaj was saying,” the mayor said today.

What Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran, and others were saying and singing included numerous f-bombs and other expletives.

Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo wrote over the weekend about the potty-mouthed event. He’ll be on the Dom Giordano program around 10:30 a.m. today to discuss the matter.