UPDATE: Feltonville Food Truck Explosion Injures 13

Five remain in critical condition.

[Update 1:55 pm]

Here’s the full police press release about the incident:

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014, at approximately 5:40 PM, a Septa Police Officer on duty at their facility located at 200 W Wyoming Avenue observed a large explosion from a 25′ lunch truck, similar to those found on college campuses.

The Officer arrived on scene almost immediately and observed multiple victims lying in the street, at least one of which was on fire. The Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments responded, including multiple medic units.

There were a total of 13 victims transported to Einstein, Temple, St. Christopher’s and Hahnemann Hospitals by police and fire units. Five of the victims, four employees and one pedestrian are in critical condition.

The investigation reveals that two 100 pound propane tanks were being used to supply grills inside the lunch truck. The truck was open for business at the time of the incident. Only one tank was being used at the time of the incident, although both were full.

Witnesses that could be interviewed reported smelling propane prior to the explosion. It is believed at this time that a significant leak occurred in the unused tank.

A propane vapor cloud then enveloped the truck finding an ignition source at the grills inside the truck causing an explosion and fireball to envelop the entire street. The tank that exploded was recovered 95′ from the truck in a rear yard on 4th Street.

L&I inspectors on scene verified that the truck was licensed with the city to operate at that location. Those injured included people who were sitting on the steps of a house across the street from the lunch truck. Although a passing vehicle sustained damage, the occupants (53 year old female operator, a 2 year old and a 3 year old) were not injured. Those that are still in critical condition are as follows:

42 year old female – truck owner – Temple Hospital
17 year old female – truck owner’s daughter – Temple Hospital
13 year old female – relative of truck owner – St. Christopher’s Hospital
27 year old female – relative of truck owner – Temple Hospital
23 year old male – passerby – Temple Hospital

Additional victims:
18 year old male – treated and released from Einstein
31 year old male – treated and released from Einstein
17 year old female – treated and released from Einstein
18 year old female – treated and released from Einstein
24 year old female – treated and released from Hahnemann
The ATF Arson & Explosives Task Force will continue this ACTIVE & ONGOING investigation along with East Detective Division and the Fire Marshal.

[Original: 6:05 a.m.]

CBS Philly reports:

Twelve people were injured, two of them listed in critical condition, following a food truck explosion in Philadelphia’s Feltonville neighborhood.

Captured on surveillance video, the incident was reported around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at 3rd and Wyoming.

“It appears, preliminarily, that the cause of this explosion was a propane tank,” Chief Inspector Scott Small of Philadelphia Police said, “This lunch truck actually has two similar propane tanks in the rear of the truck.” Small said, “One of them is still intact. The other one exploded.”

The explosion was caught on video: