Report: Male Profs Paid Better Than Women at Penn

But the gap is narrowing.

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that male professors are making more than their female counterparts at Penn, but that the gap is narrowing.

Full male professors make, on average, 3.5 percent more than full female professors, down from 7.9 percent in 2007-08 . Associate male professors make an average of 0.8 percent more than associate female professors, down from 4.3 percent in 2007-08 .

Yet assistant male professors currently make 3.5 percent more than assistantfemale professors, a 2.7 percent increase from the 2010-11 fiscal year. In their report, the Faculty Senate Committee labeled this increase a “perplexing” number.

Women comprised 30.7 percent of the faculty in 2011, up from 28.4 percent four years earlier.