Citizens Bank Park to Test Metal Detectors

Next season, every MLB ballpark will have them.

Citizen's Bank Park

Photo | Jeff Fusco

In its ongoing effort to imbue a baseball game with all the joy and nostalgia of a trip to the airport, MLB next season will install metal detectors at every park in the league. Guess who’s going first getting a head start?

Fox 29 reports:

According to the Phillies website, metal detectors will be getting tested at Citizens Bank Park this summer, before the technology is implemented in every MLB park next season.

The Citizens Bank Park metal detectors are a part of a pilot program that will begin on July 21st.

Much like an airport security check, cell phones, cameras, and other larger metal items will be removed before passing through the detectors.

The Phillies website adds:

“The safety of our guests is our top priority,” Phillies director of operations and security Sal DeAngelis said. “We fully support MLB’s efforts to implement these enhanced security measures, and look forward to working with them during this pilot program. Next year, we expect that metal detectors will be at all entrance gates.”

Philly tests metal detectors ahead of the rest of the league? Gosh, wonder how we deserved that honor?