Ori Feibush Sues Councilman Kenyatta Johnson

Pointe Breeze developer says councilman has improperly stopped his projects.

Ori Feibush, already planning to challenge Councilman Kenyatta Johnson on the ballot, is doing it in court: Feibush has filed a federal suit (below) against the council member.

The Inquirer reports:

Feibush filed a lawsuit late Wednesday accusing Johnson of preventing him from buying two vacant city lots and thwarting his bid to build on a larger tract, both as political retribution.

Johnson previously said he halted the sale of two vacant lots on the 1300 block of South Cleveland Street in Point Breeze because he wanted them set aside as part of an affordable housing strategy championed by Council President Darrell L. Clarke. The fact that Feibush was in line to purchase the lots never crossed his mind, Johnson said.

Johnson said Thursday night that he had not seen the lawsuit, but that his office has “an open-door policy on development” and has worked frequently with Feibush.

Feibush is seeking in excess of $75,000 in damages.