Today We Find Out if the Sixers Tank Job in 2013-14 Was Worth It

The NBA draft is tonight!

“After months of waiting, of watching countless highlight videos on YouTube, of reading mock drafts hosted on websites you didn’t even know existed, draft day is finally here,” reports. We’ll finally find out if it was worth it to watch the team lose so frequently in 2013-14 in order to have such high draft picks.

Some key things to know, according to the team:

 The Sixers hold the #3 and #10 picks in the first round as well as five picks in the second round – #32, #39, #47, #52, and #54.

In the Sixers’ 51-year history, they have selected third just twice. In 1988, they drafted Charles Smith third overall, later trading his rights to the Los Angeles Lakers, and in 1995, they selected Jerry Stackhouse with the third-overall pick.

Draft coverage begins at 7 p.m. (EST) on ESPN, with the Cavaliers going on the clock for the first pick at roughly 7:30pm; 97.5 The Fanatic FM will also host a live draft show.

It’s thought that some of those five second-round picks might be packaged in trades tonight. []