Temple Grad Cody Calafiore is the No. 1 Reason to Watch Big Brother This Season

cody calafiore big brother 16

If you watched the season 16 opener of Big Brother last night, you no doubt awoke this morning to visions of Cody Calafiore dancing (probably naked) through your head. That dark curly hair, the bedroom eyes, those abs. Well it turns out all that could have been yours — at least in theory.

In what was some of the hardest research I’ve done in a while, I found out that the 23-year-old Howell, New Jersey native graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management just last year with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He was also a midfielder on the men’s Owls soccer team, as you’ll see in the video below:

These days he’s moved on to fancier pastures. Big Brother lists him as being a sales account executive, but it seems like he has his eyes set on a career in entertainment, specifically modeling. Bigbrotheraccess.com points out that, “CBS doesn’t like to flaunt the fact that they choose two or three models or model wannabes every season to stack the eye candy in the house. So they usually hide them under some inane job title that may or may not be entirely accurate.”

The site also suggests that he didn’t even audition for the show—he was handpicked and recruited. “He says he did put in an application, but only after being told to do so. Probably because CBS thought they needed more hot guys this season who could show off their toned bodies lounging by the pool. And hopefully get in some showmance with some hot girl they also recruited.”

His looks really are getting him places. He was recently chosen as part of Seventeen magazine’s “2014 Hot Guy Panel,” which is basically a team of handsome men who give young girls advice on dating and fashion. (Sounds horrible, I know.) And he’s appeared in an underwear ad for C-IN2 below:

You’re welcome.

Check out more videos of Calafiore below, including interviews with Big Brother alums Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Reilly.