Guy Who Allegedly Stabbed 71-Year-Old Woman 20 Times Looks Like He’s 12

And there was a "box of kittens" involved.

Stabbed-71-year-old-woman-hoarder-philadelphiaOn Wednesday morning, Philadelphia police found a 71-year-old woman lying in front of her Olney home with 15 to 20 stab wounds on her body. Then they found a 54-year-old man inside the porch area, also with stab wounds. And on Thursday, police announced that this guy, 18-year-old Anthony Waters, has been charged in the crime.

According to police, Waters was in the house in an attempt to get the woman’s car keys so that he could steal her car. Police say that the man and woman surprised Waters, so he stabbed them. Because you really need to stab a 71-year-old woman 20 times to get away from her.

According to the police statement: “The officers cleared the house of any other occupants, and found the rear door propped open by a box of kittens.”

The home has been described as a hoard, and the SPCA removed a large number of cats and kittens from it.

Waters is charged with attempted murder, aggravated and simple assault, robbery, burglary and theft, among other charges.