Columnist Wants D.C. Football Team Renamed “The Reagans”

Just imagine "The Reagans" visiting Philadelphia once a year.

Salon reports that conservative columnist Michael Taube has proposed — probably tongue-in-cheek — renaming Washington’s NFL team from “Redskins” to “The Reagans.” We endorse this immediately.

Taube writes:

Democrats want Washington’s NFL team to change its name. The Redskins‘ owner, Mr. Snyder, is the only person who can rightfully do this. Hence, if he chooses to comply and pays homage to a Republican president in the process, they’re stuck with it. Any further complaints would smack of political partisanship.

It seems, though, that Taube doesn’t fully appreciate what will happen when the Washington Reagans visit Philadelphia once every season. There would surely be cries of “Reagan Sucks!” “F—ing Reagans!” and more. And that wouldn’t be the most tasteless stuff to happen. You don’t have to imagine very hard how truly, gloriously awful Eagles fans could get about the whole thing. We’re not fans of the Redskins name, but if Taube thinks the Reagan name would somehow deter ugly displays of partisanship … well, he hasn’t spent much time watching NFC East games is all we can say.