Is QVC Keeping Blockbuster Films Out of PA?

West Chester-based home-shopping network uses up state tax credits meant for film, TV production.

TribLive reports that Harrisburg lawmakers are seeking to limit the amount of state TV production credits that West Chester-based QVC can claim in a year — the home-shopping network, they say, is consuming a good chunk of the limited funding that could draw other TV and film productions to the state.

QVC has received $26.4 million from the tax credit program since 2008; last year it posted sales of $9 billion.

Eventually, state Sen. Wayne Fontana, D-Brookline, said he would like to bar them from receiving the tax breaks.

“We’ve found that QVC is using them. Infomercials are using them. Public service announcements are using them,” Fontana said. “The original intention was to attract feature films and TV series.”

QVC did not respond directly to the legislation. Fontana’s bill would also “prevent commercials as well as public service programming and in-house employee training videos from earning tax credits,” Triblive said. No more small-time stuff, in other words: Let’s bring Hollywood to Pennsylvania.