Phillies Introduce Phone Charging Station at Citizens Bank Park

Unlike many other baseball stadiums, you'll be able to watch the Phillies play while your phone charges.

Photo courtesy of the Phillies.

Photo courtesy of the Phillies.

Monday night, the Phillies will honor Jimmy Rollins for setting the team record for hits. They’ll also be introducing a new feature to Citizens Bank Park: A phone charging station. No longer will you have to turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode in order to save your battery while at the ballpark. The Phillies will also be providing cords.

The charging station sits on the rooftop outside the TV booth in center field. (If you’re facing the skyline while on the rooftop, it will be on the left side.) What’s nice about the Phillies’ charging station is you’ll still be able to watch the game while your phone charges. And the rooftop is the perfect place for people-watching at CBP as well (if you’re into checking out thousands of people in t-shirts).

The Phillies currently have two wall mounts with a bunch of chargers and expect to add more throughout the season. The idea is to make it another place to gather at the stadium — in between the two chargers is the “social media screen,” which tracks what people are tweeting or Instagramming about the game.

Here’s a look at the guts of this thing. It’s quite simple.


The Phillies play the Marlins tonight at 7:05 p.m. Feel free to roll into the stadium with 2 percent battery life.