Vince Fumo Planning to Start a Consulting Business

The former state senator has asked the court to lessen restrictions on his travel.

In a court filing, Vince Fumo told a federal judge he wants the ability to travel without notifying his probation officer first in order to meet with contacts so he can start a “consulting business.” Fumo says he needs to make money to pay off the legal bills he accrued fighting the corruption charges he was convicted of in 2009. The court says his net worth is still about $3 million.

In the court filing, Fumo says he’s in poor health but needs money after losing both his state pension and his $1-million-a-year job at a Philadelphia law firm due to the conviction. Fumo has paid back most of the $4.5 million he was ordered to pay upon his conviction, and is fighting having to pay several more million to the IRS.

A court ruled in May that Fumo owes an extra $356,000 in restitution to Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods (now known as the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation).

Fumo currently needs permission from his probation officer to leave the eight-county Philadelphia area. His roof deck caught fire earlier this year.