Top Prospect Joel Embiid Injures Foot, Throws NBA Draft into Chaos

Could this wreak havoc on the Sixers' draft plans?

And you thought the Sixers’ draft day was going to go swimmingly.

Today came news that possible No. 1 overall pick Joel Embiid suffered a foot injury. This is bad no matter who you think the Sixers should take: If you want Embiid, a 7-foot center who played for Kansas last season, it could lessen the chance they’ll take him. If you want another player (6-8 wing Andrew Wiggins), the Sixers may need to trade up to draft him if teams are passing on Embiid.

For example, the new mock draft has Wiggins going first overall, 6-8 Duke freshman Jabari Parker going second and Dante Exum — a 6-6 guard from Australia — going third to the Sixers.

The NBA Draft is next Thursday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Sixers have the third and 10th overall picks, plus five additional picks in the second round.