WATCH: Brian Sims Irate Over Daryl Metcalfe’s Attempts to Block HB 300

This week, at a press conference in Harrisburg, Philly State Rep. Brian Sims showed a side of himself that we don’t get to see very often: Damn pissed!

As you’ll see in the video above, Sims opened up about the state’s failure to pass HB 300, a piece of legislation that would end LGBT discrimination in Pennsylvania workplaces and places of business. What’s so irksome, as he explains in the above video, is that the bill “has more co-sponsors than any legislation I have voted on as a state representative.”

The reason it hasn’t passed yet? Two of the ugliest words you’ll hear today: Daryl Metcalfe. (More on that here.)

“Who it’s not supported by is really one person whose individual, personal ideology and his interpretation of his faith is keeping this bill from becoming law,” Sims says. “That makes no sense to me in a government in the United States that one person’s interpretation of their own faith is keeping a bill that is supported by a majority of Pennsylvanians, a majority of businesses, a majority of faith leaders, a majority of my colleagues, from becoming law.”