State Contemplates LGBT Anti-discrimination Law

Gay Pennsylvanians can get married, yes — but they can also get fired for being gay.

It’s come to this: Gays can now get married in Pennsylvania — and they can be fired for being gay.

The state, after all, has never passed an anti-discrimination bill protecting the rights of LGBT people. On Monday, legislators called for such a bill to pass.

“We’re still optimistic we can get it passed, but the clock is ticking,” Rep. Dan Frankel, a Pittsburgh Democrat who’s sponsoring the House bill, said during a news conference in the Capitol Media Center.

One obstacle: The House version of the bill is currently parked in the State Government Committee. Which is chaired by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler. He’s been vocal in his opposition to marriage equality.

But advocates say the issue is one of fairness and good economics.

“Fairness in the workplace is simply good for business,” said David Black of the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce. “Employers in Pennsylvania want to be able to recruit the most talented employees. Those employees want to feel welcome in our communities. This … makes sure that everyone has a level playing field and is treated … with dignity.” (PennLive)