Man Sitting on Train Tracks Hit, Somehow Survives

A 25-year-old (who had been drinking) fell between the rails and the train passed over him.

A man sitting on the train tracks in West Depford survived when he fell between the rails and the train largely passed over him.

Andrew Davoli, 25, was taken to Cooper University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries to his right leg (and general soreness from being hit by a freaking train). The conductor saw Davoli on the tracks, West Depford police say, but wasn’t able to stop in time.

The crucial line in the Inquirer:

Davoli told police he did not know he had ended up on the tracks, but acknowledged he had been drinking.

If you’re going to drink, I beg you: Please stay away from train tracks. At least this guy now has a hell of a story.