D.C. Mayor Says Eagles Made “Dumbest Mistake” in Releasing DeSean

Vincent Gray starts the annual smack-talking contest between NFL city mayors.

Looks like DeSean Jackson has moved beyond team asset and into the realm of civic treasure?

The Washington Post says D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray praised new Redskin/former Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson at a fund-raiser this week: “I want to thank the Philadelphia Eagles for making the dumbest mistake,” Gray said.

Not everybody agrees. Sports Illustrated has the following from still-eagle LeSean McCoy:

“The whole DeSean Jackson thing, that helped out, to be honest, in making all the other guys aware,”McCoy stated during a post-practice moment. “It’s all possible. They’ll cut one of your best guys if (he’s) not buying in. On any team — any team — you look at that, and as a player, you can look at it from so many different sides, but no matter how good you are, you gotta follow these guidelines. And if you don’t, you could be gone. … You gotta buy in.” (Washington Post/SI)