Bill Would Let Tesla Sell Direct to New Jersey Buyers

State law had required the company to sell through third-party dealerships.

New Jersey is no longer a socialist paradise as far as cars are concerned: The free market can rule.

OK, maybe that’s hyperbole, but the state is closer to lifting restrictions that allow Tesla — the electric sportscar maker — to market its cars directly to New Jersey drivers without going through third-party dealerships. The state had ordered the company to stop selling its cars directly in April. reports: “Without any debate, the Assembly approved the measure  by a vote of 77-0 with 1 abstention. It would allow Tesla, or any company that sells zero-emission vehicles directly to consumers, to open up to four stores in the Garden State — up from Tesla’s current two showrooms. The company would also be required to have at least one facility that services the vehicles.

“We firmly believe that the bill sends the right message to innovators and entrepreneurs that New Jersey will not be an obstacle when creating, building or promoting and selling new products and services,”  said the president of the New Jersey Commerce and Industry Association, John Galandak. (