Whole Foods Lawsuit: Muslim Man Sues Over Prayers at Work

"This is not a mosque," management allegedly told him.


Kensington’s Robert Greene started working in the prepared foods department of the Glen Mills Whole Foods in April 2012. A Muslim man, Greene prays five times each day, including at times that overlapped with his schedule at Whole Foods, something he says was never a problem while working in prepared foods.

But, claims Greene in a new federal lawsuit, that all changed when he was transferred to the meat department in October 2012.

In the lawsuit, filed Friday in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Greene says that the meat department management didn’t take kindly to his requests to pray and that they made “discriminatory and derogatory comments” about his religion as a result. Management allegedly told Greene, “This is not a mosque.”

Greene says he complained to upper management at the Whole Foods but that nothing was done. He adds that the bad treatment increased after he complained, and he was soon terminated.

Greene claims that his civil rights were violated, and he is seeking back pay and punitive damages.

When reached for comment, the Mid-Atlantic spokesperson for Whole Foods said she was unaware of the lawsuit, so we sent her a copy.

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