WATCH: John Bolaris Spends 5 Minutes Trying to End His Video Chat

Weatherman John Bolaris hosted a chat on his new site, Weather Savior. It ended it with the finest performance art of the year.

On Thursday, John Bolaris hosted a web chat on his new weather forecasting website, Weather Savior. There were about 20 people in the chat, which lasted about two hours and is archived here for your enjoyment.

Bolaris went through how to use his new weather site, rapped on request, asked for people to work selling ads for his site (on commission), and says the site got 100,000 pageviews in its first month.

He also showed off his latest tattoo, of his daughter’s name:


Things really got interesting in the last five minutes, where Bolaris frantically attempted to end the show. But, using the Livestream service, he was not able to figure out how to stop videocasting. The last five minutes of Bolaris’ video chat were so incredible I’m pretty sure it qualifies as the best performance art of 2014.

Bolaris handles it pretty well. If something like this had happened to me, I’d have immediately shut down the computer to avoid any embarrassment. (One person in the chat suggested this.) But Bolaris soldiers on, and eventually realizes he is in a dystopian science fiction film where he’ll always be on web cam, forever. At one point he starts yelling. Eventually, finally, he finds the stop button.

If all of Weather Savior is close to as great as this, I will be visiting daily.

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