Ruben Amaro Jr. Just Realized the Phillies’ Championship Window Has Closed

Unless he hasn't. It's difficult to tell.

Now, nobody wants to prejudge things. But it’s possible — possible — that the great 2008 Phillies’ team that won the World Series has finally seen its window for contention close.

Sure, the Phillies haven’t actually been in the playoffs for the last two years. Yes, they’re an aging team that’s off to a mediocre start this year. Apparently, though, Ruben Amaro Jr. has just realized that this team probably isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to rebuild, which he would totally do if he just didn’t want to please fans with a championship-caliber team.

“A lot of these players have brought some great baseball to us, perhaps that great baseball that they once played is a little behind us,” Amaro Jr. told the WIP Morning Show on Tuesday morning. (Emphasis ours.) “The bottom line is we have to do what is best for the organization and at the same time, we have to realize the fan base does connect with a lot of these guys.”

And you know, he’d totally rebuild if he thought Phillies fans could accept mediocre baseball.

“I will tell you that if we start to do that [sell], we’re going to have to be accepting of the fact that it’s going to be a bit of a struggle for a little while,” he said. “How long? I don’t know, but if we start to do that we are going to be relying on younger players who are not as seasoned and may not be prepared to play the type of baseball that a championship club may require.”

So that’s the story, fans. As long as this club wants to win championships, you’re going to have to suffer through some losing. Until then, you’re just going to have to suffer from all the losing.(CBS Philly)