Chris Christie on Limited Appeal: “Garbage”

Believes he'd play well outside the Northeast.

Chris Christie doesn’t buy that he has a particular appeal to Northeasterners who love his rough-hewn way of insulting constituents. He’s certain that other regions of the country would welcome his abrasiveness, as well. Politico reports:

“I hear people all the time saying, ‘You wouldn’t play well in the South’, or, ‘You wouldn’t play well in Iowa’ — it’s all garbage,” the Republican governor and speculated candidate for 2016 said on SportsRadio 94WIP Philadelphia.

He continued, “People are people and, yeah, there are some regional differences in our country, but in the end people like people who are genuine and who are real. Whether that’s in the media, whether that’s in sports, whether it’s in business or politics.”

“I would rather lose than try to pretend to be somebody else,” he said.

 While many thought Bridgegate had derailed his ambitions, it’s clear that Christie intends to test his thoery by running for president in 2016.