INTERVIEW: Girl Talk With The Reinvented Danity Kane


I remember how obsessed I was with Danity Kane while following their every move on Diddy‘s MTV series, Making The Band: I love their classic bangers “Damaged” and “Showstopper.” Now, after a five-year hiatus, the girls have returned with their new single “Lemonade“…and as a trio. In fact, the day after I spoke with the girls, Aundrea Fimbres announced during the group’s “No Filter” tour kickoff in San Francisco that she was going to be leaving Danity Kane to focus on motherhood. However, as Danity Kane knows, the show must go on; this Sunday, they hit the TLA stage. I chatted with Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, and Shannon Bex about their new music, new sound, and what exactly their fierce “Lemonade” single is all about.

G Philly: Congratulations on your new single, “Lemonade”. It’s fabulous and it definitely has my vote for song of the summer. What does it mean for you ladies to finally have new music out?

Dawn Richard: It’s really a statement for us. It’s marking the new era of Danity Kane. We have been gone for a minute now, but the fans have been amazing. Everything we do, we do it for our fans. They have spoken and we don’t want to disappoint them. We are ready to show them and the rest of the world what this new movement of Danity Kane is all about. We want to show all the haters out there that we mean business.

Aubrey O’Day: Yeah, it really is exciting. We have been through a lot over the years. We’ve been able to chase our dreams, experienced relationships and really have gone through life. It really does come down to the fans, though. Their reaction to our new music has been incredible. Straight on from the announcement of our tour and now with the single, they have supported us every step of the way. It really feels incredible.

G Philly: It sounds like you gals really feel great about getting back together.

Dawn Richard: Oh yeah, we really do. We really feel brand new. Everything is different this time, and it’s so fresh. Our dancing, singing and vocals: it’s all ready to go. We are ready to get under those bright lights and show everyone. We really can’t wait to feel it from the crowd.

G Philly: How are you going to represent for your Philly fans?

Dawn Richard: For one thing, they can expect a lot of fresh, new energy. We are going to perform some old songs as well as some new ones. It’s going to be what all of the Philly fans have been waiting for. They are in for a real treat.

G Philly: I know there are a lot of Philly queens who are more than ready to see you ladies back on stage! Now, will you be able to check out Philly’s fabulous nightlife out while you’re in town?

Shannon Bex: We wish we could! Unfortunately, we won’t be here for very long, but we will certainly try. We love Philly. The energy in the city is amazing and we can’t wait to be there.

Dawn Richard: Philly is such a dope city. I would love to check out some of the historic landmarks. I’m from Baltimore and I can’t tell you how many times I used to cruise up to Philly just to get a cheesesteak.

G Philly: Any dish you can give me on your new album?

Aubrey O’Day: There is no release date yet, but we have all been working really hard on it. We are really excited to get our new music out there for all of our fans. Everyone has to stay tuned, because it’s coming soon!

Dawn Richard: I’ll tell you what: if you really want to know what our new music is all about, come see us on June 1st. We don’t want to tell everyone about it; we want to show them. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.

For ticket information about Danity Kane’s performance in Philly, click here.