Allegation: Corbett Got Gifts, Givers Got Favors

Activists file formal complaint with State Ethics Commission.

“On Thursday, local activist Gene Stilp filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission to investigate various alleged gift transactions by Governor Tom Corbett,” reports ABC27 in Harrisburg. Together with former gubernatorial candidate John Hangar, Stilp released a report alleging connections between gifts Corbett received and favors done the gift givers.

The report outlines Governor Corbett and First Lady Susan Corbett received $28,424.66 in “significant gifts.” The report points to $18,658 worth came from businesses that are regulated by state government. According to the report, gift-givers made $1,132,050.48 in campaign contributions since 2008.

According to Hanger and Stilp, the most egregious display of “bribery” came from John Moran, owner of Northumberland County trucking company Moran Industries. The report said on July 1, 2011, Moran gave Corbett and his wife a $1,500 private yacht trip to Rhode Island. Two months later in September, Corbett appointed Moran to the Advisory Council on Privatization and Innovation Commission.

Pennsylvania has no ban on gifts to politicians, as long as the politicians report gifts valued at more than $50. Corbett was apparently compliant with the existing rules.