What Blonde Philadelphia Socialite Hooked Up With Prince Harry In Memphis?

Let the rampant speculation begin.

Earlier this month, just days after his breakup with Cressida Bonas, British royal Prince Harry showed up in Memphis, Tennessee, for the wedding of Holiday Inn heiress Elizabeth “Lizzy” Wilson and British nightclub owner Guy Pelly.

By all accounts, there was much drinking and much dancing (Prince Harry was reportedly seen twerking), as is expected at any wedding worth attending, let alone one featuring a British royal with a penchant for partying.

“The whole thing was unreal man,” the wedding’s bandleader told The Telegraph just after the wedding. “Harry was dancing and having fun, dancing with lots of people. There were lots of girls around him but I didn’t see that he was with anyone. He was actually a little more conservative than William.”

But a new report in the new issue of Us Weekly says otherwise. At the end of the night, according to that story, Prince Harry spent the night with a “blonde socialite” from the Philadelphia area.

“After the bride and groom left for the evening,” reads the story, “Harry escorted his new friend to the private home where he was staying nearby.”

According to an “insider” that Us Weekly spoke with, the woman is from the Philadelphia area and attended college with the bride, meaning either Georgetown or the University of Virginia.

“She stayed overnight,” the source told Us Weekly. “She’s been bragging about it to friends.” The source insisted that the rendezvous was “just a hookup” to Harry. We’re sure Cressida will be relieved.

PHOTO: Glyn Lowe via Creative Commons/Wikipedia.