“Joey Merlino” Just Filed The Strangest Court Motion We Have Ever Seen

We can only assume that Joey Merlino had nothing to do with this, or that he has gone mad.


This week, a motion was filed in Philadelphia’s federal courthouse. But this wasn’t just any motion. No, this was a motion filed under the caption Merlino v. Ligambi, as in former Philadelphia mob bosses “Skinny” Joey Merlino and Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi. And it is quite a read.

The handwritten three-page document is a motion for a preliminary injunction and restraining order against Ligambi and John Gotti, Jr. It purports to be signed by Joseph Merlino of Boca Raton, Florida (that’s where Merlino is living these days) and David Rothrock, an inmate of SCI-Benner in Bellefonte, Pa.

Here it is in its entirety:

Plaintiffs face imminent danger and bodily harm. Joseph Ligambi is in the mafia. He just got released from Federal prison and he is coming after us.

Plaintiff Joseph Merlino is in the witness protection for testifying against Joseph Ligambi to a grand jury 3 times. Ligambi knows this, he is pissed off and ready with revenge.

Joseph Ligambi is accusing David Rothrock of raping his granddaughter. Rothrock is in State Prison in fear of his life from Ligambi. Ligambi told Merlino he is going to swim with the fishes off the Florida coast for telling the Feds everything about Ligambi.

J. Merlino provided the FBI with numerous wiretap and taped phone calls. Now Ligambi said he also bribed and payed off the jurors in his Federal case with Gambino racketeering money. He even threatened David Rothrock with hiring SCI-Benner thugs to rape and torture D. Rothrock for a few years and then murder him with razor blades to major arteries so as to cover it up with suicide.

He explicitly stated that he will fool the FBI into believing that Mr. Rothrock is a quack with Al-Qaeda affiliations, though possibly true, Mr. Rothrock is sinister and knows that no intelligence agency would even suspect him, though along with confiscating childrens anal crevices under the guise of Al-Qaeda is the sexual fetish unheard of and orgasmic that the rush will even send a warm tickle from toe to earlobes if you can surmise this pleasure and even advocate to jump on board but you must assist him in acquiring a transvestite midget to spread the Jihad and propagate this unique Fatwa. Plaintiffs seek restraining order.

Rothrock is currently serving 8 to 20 years in a Pennsylvania state prison after pleading guilty in 2012 to the rape of a child.