PHOTOS: Philly Boys Model Local Summer Fashion

Summer is at our doorstep. Those long, hot days sunning by the pool, romantic evening strolls along Rehoboth Beach, and most importantly a string of steamy summer flings. One thing stands between you and all that amazingness, though. It’s one of the year’s biggest conundrums — at least if you’re a gay man: What kind of swimsuit and I going to wear?!

To help you narrow down your search, we teamed up with some local retailers who were happy to let us borrow some of the newest inventory they’ve got in for the season. And because no pair of trunks is complete with out, well, some filling, we caroused a hunky team of local models to help show off the merch.

Check out the fruits of our labor — shot on a sunny day at the North Shore Beach Club by photographer to the Gayborhood stars Alexander John Ortiz — below. We start with some complete looks — shirts, hats, and pants — before showing off the swimwear. So enjoy. And happy, gay summer to you all!

A special thank you to the generous retailers who let us borrow clothing for this shoot.

And to the fabulous North Shore Beach Club for providing the location. Go take a dip, and have some poolside sips, at 1031 Germantown Avenue.