ESPN Actually Asks Phillies to Confirm Authenticity of Satirical Ryne Sandberg Letter

Wacky Phillies blog Zoo With Roy posted an obviously satirical letter by Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg. ESPN asked the team about it.

In a recent weekend series against the New York Mets, Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg says he believes he got food poisoning from Shake Shack. In response to this story, zany Phillies blog Zoo With Roy tweeted this funny fake letter from Ryne Sandberg.

Then, ESPN asked the Phillies about the letter.

That’s Darren Rovell, an ESPN reporter with 466,000 Twitter followers who is perfectly fine on television — as far as sports and business reporters go, he’s pretty tolerable — and absolutely weird and omnipresent and humorless on Twitter. One time he emailed a college a student had graduated from because the dude had made a joke at his expense on Twitter.

Anyway, this time he asked the Phillies about the authenticity of a letter that included a “LOL” and compared the Phillies to rancid meat.

On Twitter the mockery has begun, because Twitter is a apparently a social network where everyone is mean all the time.

Well, at least people on the Internet are not afraid to tell Darren Rovell how they really feel. Zoo With Roy, meanwhile, has some other stories.