Bail Set at $500K for Germantown Artist Who Blew Off Hand

Douglas Ferrin had a history with explosives.

“A Germantown artist who lost part of his right hand in an explosion at his West Queen Lane home last Wednesday was arraigned Tuesday,” Newsworks reports. “Bail for Douglas Ferrin, the 54-year-old who previously pleaded guilty in connection to a St. Patrick’s Day 2011 incident involving an explosion in a Phoenixville bar, was set at $500,000, according to the District Attorney’s Office.”

As Philly Mag detailed last week, Ferrin described his jail stay after that conviction to an art blog last year: “Almost everyone I met while in jail was there for the same reason that I was: getting drunk and doing something stupid. I myself blew up a toilet with an M-80. No one was hurt, or even close to being, but I spent six months in a medium security lock-up for my idiotic crime. Six months is the standard amount of time in lock-up before seeing a judge.”

No word on Ferrin’s condition. His next court hearing is May 29.