Atlantic City Councilman Indicted for Allegedly Wearing Ex-Cop’s Shirt, in Thing That Actually Happened

Rizwan Malik, an Atlantic City councilman, is facing charges he wore a former police officer's shirt, and then ripped off the name badge before returning it.

Atlantic City Councilman Rizwan Malik has been indicted on charges of obstructing the administration of the law and tampering with evidence for wearing a police officer’s shirt and ripping the name badge from it before returning it to police. I am not making this up.

The Press of Atlantic City’s Lynda Cohen reports the charges stem from a fight between Malik and a neighbor that the cops were called to on December 3rd. No charges came from that incident, but the Press writes police reported Malik was wearing a shirt with a “T. Mayfield” name badge. Torres Mayfield is an ex-Atlantic City cop who has run for elected office in the city several times.

The sparse court documents obtained by the Press don’t detail much of the incident, but Malik is accused of tearing off the “T. Mayfield” badge before returning the shirt to police.

Cohen’s article also contains this fantastic exchange:

A court schedule for this week shows Malik is expected before Judge Robert Taylor on Thursday.

When Malik was told this by a reporter, he just replied: “OK.”

If convicted and sentenced to jail, Malik can get out by rolling doubles.

[Press of Atlantic City]