Road Rage Survey Says Philadelphia Is 8th Most-Courteous City in America

That can't be right, can it?

In news that feels like somebody’s hiding just out of range, waiting to jump out and yell “surprise, sucka!” AutoVantage reports that its “road rage survey” shows that Philadelphia is the eighth most-courteous city in America. That doesn’t sound right, does it? We’re mean to Santa Claus. That’s what everybody already know about us.

You got a problem with that!?!?!? Oh, you do, well! Let’s see if we can resolve it amicably and peacefully! That’s the Philly way!

OK, enough jokes. AutoVantage, explain yourself!

When compared to drivers in other cities, survey participants in Philadelphia are:

  • 3rd least likely to have observed other drivers cutting into a lane without notice
  • Tied with a few other cities as least likely to acknowledge merging without notice or slamming on their brakes without notice

Keeping Philadelphia out of the top 5 was a proclivity of local driver to acknowledge waving their arms or shaking their fist at another driver, an action for which drivers in Philadelphia were among the three most likely cities.

What this all means: We’re good drivers. We obey the rules of the road and expect others to do the same. And then, when they don’t, we become ugly, threatening bastards. That sounds about right.