Fed Up With Public Urination and Fornication, Piazza Boots Radio 104.5

The party reportedly got out of hand.

We’re all for a good, Roman-style bacchanalia, but apparently Radio 104.5’s weekend shindig at the Piazza went way, way, way too far for some neighborhood residents. (Sample quote: “My entire house was peed on.”) There will not be a repeat: The Daily News reports that the Piazza has terminated its contract with the radio station.

That means the station will no longer be allowed to host events in that space, a turn of events that Ruben welcomed after scores of intoxicated music fans turned the trendy neighborhood’s narrow side streets into public toilets Saturday during a Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party.

“When you see someone in the middle of the day squatting and peeing on your neighbor’s house, you don’t forget it,” said Matt Ruben, the president of the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association, who lives about two blocks from the Piazza and witnessed said squatting firsthand.

Apparently, Philadelphia has its limits.