WATCH: Rivals Celebrate Comcast Being Named “Worst Company”

Comcast Today: Another sign that the company needs to fix customer service.


Consumerist reports: “In a congratulatory gesture to celebrate Comcast’s Worst Company In America win, an antenna company took it upon itself to deliver a cake to the victor’s Philadelphia headquarters. One, because cake is delicious (clearly) and also to thank the cable company for sending it cord-cutting customers who have a sudden need to buy an antenna.

Antennas Direct chronicled the cake delivery in a video, from pick-up at the baker to its destination at Comcast’s Philly home. Along the way the company also sprinkles in some interviews with Comcast customers, asking how they feel about their service.”

Not exactly the publicity Comcast seeks on the day execs are testifying before Congress about the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

But Comcast execs are aware of the problem, and have taken their promises to fix it to self-flagellating extremes as they try to sell the merger. TechCrunch reports one recent example featuring Comcast Cable President and CEO Neil Smit:

“I think if there’s one thing to disrupt in our business, it’s customer service,” Smit said in response to TechCrunch writer Ryan Lawler mentioning that Comcast was recently voted the worst company in America.

“It’s my top priority,” he added, explaining that customers should know the exact time a technician is coming to their home, among other changes.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a roundup of the best coverage of Comcast’s hearing before the House today.