Teen Admits Selling Pot to ‘Rich White Kids’ in Lower Merion Using Instagram

A 17-year-old admitted to selling marijuana on Instagram under the username Hustle Tree Daily.

When we last visited the Main Line Take Over drug case, lawyers for the two alleged ringleaders were pointing fingers, and the Washington Post was writing oddly fawning articles about it. (When we last visited teens in general, they were peeing all over Nolibs.) But now one of the alleged “sub-dealers” in the case, a 17-year-old, has admitted to selling pot on the Main Line. He sold the weed to “rich white kids” — a quote from his supplier — at Lower Merion’s two public high schools.

The Inquirer — which doesn’t name the juvenile — reports that while juvenile court proceedings are usually closed to the public, “proceedings in which the offenses are serious enough and the accused is old enough are open.” The teen admitted to three felonies and faces four years in a detention center for selling marijuana. He said in court he’s been selling drugs since he was in eighth grade.

Prosecutors said the 17-year-old dealer had the cell phone number of Timothy Brooks, one of the alleged ringleaders of the Main Line Take Over crew, in his phone. On the night of a raid in March, the teen attempted to throw a jar of marijuana out the window, but a detective caught it in midair.

The Inquirer article sheds some light on how this alleged teenage drug ring was broken up, i.e. by being really stupid and obvious:

The phone also contained an app for Instagram, a website for sharing photos and videos with a network of contacts. On the site, the detective said, the teen went by the handle “Hustle Tree Daily.” Tree is slang for marijuana, and hustle is slang for selling it, he said. A photo on the website showed a jar of marijuana and cash.

Let it be noted that, in the year 2014, the sentence “Tree is slang for marijuana, and hustle is slang for selling it” ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Meanwhile, five defendants in the Main Line takeover case waived preliminary hearings on Tuesday.