New York Times Plays Up Project HOME’s Success

Phillies part-owner John S. Middleton and his wife, Leigh, recently donated $30 million to Project HOME.

The New York Times writes today of the success Philadelphia has had with its homeless population. For example, Philadelphia’s homeless population fell 2.3 percent from 2012 to 2013; it rose 27 percent in Los Angeles and 13 percent in New York.

The Times’ Jon Hurdle writes about Project HOME’s Sister Mary Scullion, “a Roman Catholic nun who is known for her ability to cajole politicians and business leaders into supporting her clients.” Joel Mathis recently interviewed Scullion on Project HOME’s 25th anniversary last month.

The Times also talks about Phillies part-owner John S. Middleton’s donation of $30 million to Project HOME, the largest the program has ever received. The Inquirer covered the Middletons’ philanthropy earlier this week; John and his wife, Leigh, won the Philadelphia Award on Wednesday. They also gave $16.3M to Penn’s Neuroscience of Behavior Initiative and $16.2 million to Philadelphia schools. Back in 2008 — before the World Series win — Rich Rys profiled the Phillies mysterious ownership group.

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