How Does Philly’s Trolley-Disrupting Sinkhole Compare With This Week’s Other Famous Sinkholes?

Kinda weak, actually, compared to Baltimore.

The mid-Atlantic got soaked with rain this week, making sinkholes, sinkholes everywhere! How does Philly stack up with some of the region’s other famous sinkholes?

Here’s the four-foot monster that disrupted SEPTA trolley traffic today:

That’s big! However….

CBS Boston reports: “A miniature horse was rescued after getting stuck in a small sinkhole on Friday in South Chatham. Around 6 a.m., someone found the 15-year-old horse trapped in a hole that was about three or four feet deep.” Firefighters dug a ramp to let the mini horse escape on its own, without injury to anything but its feelings.

And that’s big. However, Baltimore has us all beat. Wait to the end:

Pedantic people say that’s more a mudslide than a sinkhole. We say: We still don’t want to fall in. Baltimore wins.