Dems Might Hold 2016 Convention in … Pittsburgh?

Philadelphia has competition. Some of it not from Pennsylvania.

AP reports the Democratic National Committee has asked 12 cities to make a pitch for hosting the 2016 presidential nominating convention. Philly’s on the list and so is Pittsburgh. Let the best Pennsylvania city win! (Hint to state officials trying to figure out which bid to support: We’ve got a big taxpayer-supported convention center here that could use a little business, if you know what we mean.)

Other cities on the list: Atlanta; Chicago; Cleveland; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit; Indianapolis; Las Vegas; Miami; New York; Nashville; Orlando; Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

Cities have until June 6 to make their bid. Somebody should probably put that on Mayor Nutter’s calendar in big bold letters this time, eh? (Cut to Bob Brady, nodding menacingly.)