Philadelphia’s “Bonnie” Back After Violating Probation

She shoplifted in California.

If you don’t remember, Jocelyn Kirsch got famous locally for a few reasons: She was a thief. She was pretty — so pretty that news outlets needed very little reason to print her photos. And she had a boyfriend who was also a thief, which wouldn’t have mattered, except that the Daily News dubbed the duo “Bonnie and Clyde,” and once they got stuck with a moniker, hoo boy, their days of relative anonymity were over.

She’s back in town, shipped here on a probation violation stemming from doing bad things in California. CBS Philly reports:

Authorities say Kirsch admitted stealing a Tory Burch clutch from Nordstrom’s, as well as other items in California in 2012. Her conviction in that case is a violation of probation in her Philadelphia case, and she will make an initial appearance today — and is scheduled for a revocation of supervised release hearing next week.

When she was sentenced in 2008 in Philadelphia, Kirsch told the court in a letter the regret runs bone deep and she will never repeat this mistake again.

You know who doesn’t feel regret, though? All the Philadelphia media outlets that get to pull her pictures out of storage and run them again. It’s a happy media day, everybody!