Once-Key Christie Ally to Host Fundraiser — for Jeb Bush’s Son

Tom Kean Jr. will host a fundraiser for George P. Bush in May. Christie had attempted to oust Kean as N.J. Senate minority leader.

Recently in a profile of Chris Christie, the New Yorker detailed the falling-out between former N.J. governor Tom Kean (and his son) and Christie. Once a key ally, the elder Kean had a falling out with Christie over several issues, including Christie’s attempt to oust the younger Kean as New Jersey Senate minority leader.

Christie later called this move a mistake, and maybe he’s right: Kean Jr. — who survived the attempt and is still N.J. Senate minority leader — is hosting a fundraiser for George P. Bush at his home on May 7th.

Why is this fundraiser for a man running for Texas land commissioner intriguing? Well, George P. Bush — the latest scion of the Bush political dynasty — is the son of Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and a rival of Christie’s for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. Dun dun dun.

Is this a sign that the Kean family has thrown its support toward the Bush family in presidential politics? Sure, why not.

Reception tickets are $500, with a donation of five grand needed for “host-committee status.”