Boyz II Men Member Doubts Eagles Backup Quarterback’s Chances

Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men says he doesn't think Mark Sanchez will survive Philly talk radio, if they happen to talk about him.

1990s radio airplay-and-record sale juggernauts Boyz II Men have eased comfortably into the 21st century, transforming themselves into a Vegas lounge act singing their old hits and covers of classic songs. There are much more embarrassing ways for former pop stars to make a living.

Being Philadelphia natives, Boyz II Men’s members are obviously big Philly sports fans. As such, TMZ Sports caught up with group member Shawn Stockman to talk about the backup quarterback situation. TMZ Sports is a Birds 24/7-style site except it’s celebrities doing the analysis instead of Sheil Kapadia and Tim McManus, right? Oh, it’s not? Okay.

Mark Sanchez is not the guy. He’s just gonna go into Philly and get cussed out. Because listen, if anybody knows anything about Philly radio, it’s no holds barred. They go in. So I can imagine what they’re talking about in Philly radio right now. I’m not an Eagles fan, but every other sport I’m all Philly. Flyers, Philly, Sixers, the whole nine yards.

Wait, so Stockman isn’t even an Eagles fan? Why couldn’t he talk about erotic fan fiction star Claude Giroux or the Sixers tanking or Ryan Howard saying he thinks the Phillies have played well?

It’s odd that Stockman says he’s not an Eagles fan, because he certainly sounds like one. One of my favorite parts of any NFL offseason is the amount of discussion that goes into the Eagles backup quarterback. I get it: From Randall Cunningham to Donovan McNabb to Michael Vick, Eagles fans have seen quarterbacks get injured and seasons end prematurely. But a few years ago one of the biggest stories in Eagles training camp was whether Trent Edwards or Mike Kafka would get the third string QB job. Stockman commenting on how the radio will treat second-string QB Mark Sanchez is about as Eagle fan as you can get.

[TMZ via CBS 3]