Jenkintown Cops Raise $5K to Help Save Sick K-9

The Jenkintown Police Department's K-9 dog, Rocky, recently underwent emergency surgery. Medical bills could get as high as $8,000.

furman NBC 10 reports donations are “pouring in” to the Jenkintown Police Department to help pay for an operation their department’s K-9 dog, Rocky, recently had.

The dog was rushed to Penn Vet Hospital on March 29 after coughing up blood; the surgery and continuing care for Rocky could cost as much as $8,000. Montgomery County DA Rita Furman (in the photo with Rocky) posted the fundraiser flier to her Facebook page over the weekend, NBC 10 reported on it and now they’ve collected about $5,000.

The flier says Rocky, who’s been with the force since 2008, “has served the community by locating drugs, tracking perpetrators and … is always happy to to greet children who come to the station for tours.” Even though Rocky is a narc, he’s pretty cute — so I’ll let it slide.

Donations can be made out to the Jenkintown Police Donation Account, 700 Summit Ave., Jenkintown, PA, 19046.

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