SEPTA Still Operating As Union Mulls “Final Offer”

The quiet before the storm?

SEPTA is still operating this morning, and AP says the agency is still waiting the union’s response to its so-called “final offer”:

No bargaining was scheduled for today, said Jerri Williams, a SEPTA spokeswoman.

Thousands of members of the Transport Workers Union are working without a contract. After negotiations broke off Sunday night, union president Willie Brown said employees would stay on the job “for a while.”

Yesterday, the union sent a letter to SEPTA negotiators reiterating previous requests for data on employee demographics, pension costs and medical claims.

6ABC reports that businesses are preparing for a strike:

What will be running? Regional Rail, LUCY buses in University City, and CCT buses, which serve the disabled.

City spokesperson Mark McDonald tells Action News they have not issued any advisories to employees, they are monitoring negotiations carefully, and when they feel it’s appropriate to alert employees they will do it.

Many expect to use taxis. Also, the popular car service Uber says they are prepared, telling us there is a potential for a price surge but they only do that in times of extreme demand.