Anti-Gun Group Gives McGinty, Schwartz Perfect Scores in Gov’s Race

But McCord and Wolf aren't far behind.

Newsworks reports that CeaseFirePA, a gun-control group, has scored the candidates in the Democratic primary for governor:

It’s the one survey in the past two months that Tom Wolf isn’t winning: CeaseFirePA’s “voter guide,” a report of the Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates’ positions on nearly 20 different gun-safety measures and an accompanying assessment. Democrats Katie McGinty and Allyson Schwartz are 100 percent aligned with CeaseFirePA’s positions. Rob McCord scored 84 percent, and Wolf scored 79 percent.

Neither McCord nor Wolf opposed any measures supported by CeaseFirePA, but they gave vague or qualified answers on some questions. McCord took issue with plans to beef up rules for locking firearms and keeping guns away from children. Wolf quibbled with restricting ammunition sales, requiring ammunition sellers to be licensed, and banning guns on Pennsylvania college campuses.

It may not mean much: Newsworks notes a recent poll puts gun control at the bottom of voting priorities for Democratic voters.