No SEPTA Strike … Yet

Transit agency, union continue talks for now.

Good news, commuters! NBC 10 reports: “SEPTA is running on its normal schedule Monday because the Transit Workers Union (TWU) decided not to strike Sunday night. TWU president Willie Brown made the announcement after the union and SEPTA officials postponed negotiates Sunday evening.  ‘We don’t foresee a strike necessary. SEPTA is a career for me. It’s a career for my people. We are a part of the community. So if we go on strike, we harm our own families. So that is something we don’t want to do,’ said Brown. ”

But, you know, don’t get too comfortable quite yet. reports:  “With a Monday deadline looming, negotiations between SEPTA and Transport Workers Union Local 234 hit a snag on Sunday, according to transit agency officials. SEPTA said it had offered a two-year contract with wage hikes of 2 percent the first year and 2.75 percent in the second year. But workers would have to spend an additional 1 percent of their wages on health-care premiums under the deal.”

More to follow.