Poll: Should the School Day Start Later in the Morning?

Parents in Cheltenham are worried about their sleep deprived teenagers.

Parents in Cheltenham have started a Facebook page — always the forefront of 2014-style activism — asking that the school open later in the morning, KYW 1060’s Brad Segall reports. Wait, what?

Rhonda Feder’s daughter is in 10th grade at Cheltenham High School. Class starts at 7:30. She can’t help but wonder whether her school work is affected because she and other teens may be sleep deprived. “Well they’re saying that teenagers are in a unique phase of life developmentally. It’s post puberty where their bodies simply are on a different rhythm,” Feder said. “A different clock when they were younger.”

There is research that kids and teenagers don’t adjust to waking up like adults do, KYW 1060 says. So what do you think?

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POLL: Should the school day start later in the morning?