Jimmy Rollins on Philly Fans: ‘If You’re Soft, They’ll Wring You Out’

After hitting his 200th career home run — a grand slam — the shortstop had some kind things to say about Philadelphia fans.

After his grand slam in Monday’s thrilling 14-10 Opening Day win for the Phillies, Jimmy Rollins had some thoughts on the city and the team. I’m going to embed a tweet so it’s in a giant font right here.


In today’s Daily News, David Murphy takes that quote and runs with it, writing Rollins doesn’t let the fans influence how he plays. “When you start factoring those perceptions into the way you walk and talk and play your game,” Murphy writes, “you stop being the athlete who got himself to the point where people care about how he walks and talks and plays his game.”

Indeed! Rollins seems to get it. But quotes like the above — portraying Philly fans as tough-but-loving sticklers who will only accept tough players — are exactly the type of things you’d say if you wanted to appeal to Philadelphia fans. By not caring, he’s saying things to make people like him more.

Jimmy Rollins, man. He’s too smart for us.